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Classic Radio is the first classical music radio station in Kazakhstan. It is a joint media project of the Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation and the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory. The station started broadcasting on 102.8 FM, on 6 June 2011. In November 2013 the radio started also broadcasting in the city of Astana on frequency 102,7 FM.[1]


The main objectives of Radio Classic are:

  • Meeting the cultural and aesthetic needs of listeners;
  • Providing free around the clock access to the best music created in the last few centuries;
  • Promotion of classical music;
  • Supporting local artists and composers;
  • Creating of original cultural, educational and musical and programs.


  • "Grani" with Natalia Goryacheva (Monday to Friday at 12.00)
  • "Kinoblyuz" Oleg Boretskaya (Monday 20.00, repeat - Friday 20.00)
  • "Tylsym Pern" with zira Naurzbaevoy (Monday 18.00, repeat - Thursday 18.00)
  • "Ugra v Biser" with Nurgul Yertayev (Tuesday 18.00)
  • «Jazz time» Noel Shayakhmetova (Sunday 20.00, repeat - Tuesday 20.00)
  • "Culturnaya Mosaica" with Jania Aubakirova (Wednesday 20.00, Saturday 20.00)
  • "Klassikomaniya" (Wednesday 20.00, repeat - Sunday 16.00)
  • "Musical Odyssey" (Russian) (Saturday 12.00, repeat - Sunday 17.00)
  • "Musical Odyssey" (Kazakh) (Saturday 17.00, repeat - Sunday 12.00)


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