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Elena Vladimirovna Khrustaleva (Template:Lang-ru) (born September 28, 1980, Krasnoyarsk) is a former Russian and Belarusian, now Kazakh biathlete. She won a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.[1] This was Kazakhstan's 6th medal at the Winter Olympic Games and 45th overall Olympic medal.


Khrustaleva made her international debut at the Junior European Championships in 2000 at Zakopane. She won gold in singles and with the Russian squadron. Shortly afterwards, at the Junior World Championships, in Hochfilzen, she won a silver in the pursuit behind Sabrina Buchholz. After the season, she was ranked fourth in singles and sprint. At the Junior World Championships, in Khanty-Mansiysk, a summer biathlon, she won silver behind Tatiana Moiseyeva.

The following season, Khrustaleva changed her citizenship with Belarus. At the Biathlon World Cup, in Hochfilzen, she achieved 36th place in the sprint. Halfway through the season, just before the 2002 Winter Olympics, Khrustaleva achieved her best World Cup rankings. In the individual and the squadron, Khrustaleva achieved seventh and sixth. At the 2002 Winter Olympics, Khrustaleva managed 33rd place in the sprint and a 30th place in the pursuit.

For the 2003/04 season, she again changed her citizenship back with Russia. At the European Championships in 2003, in Forni Avoltri, Khrustaleva won gold in singles. With the Russian squadron, in 2005, in Novosibirsk, she won gold in the relay.

For the 2006/07 season, she changed her citizenship with Kazakhstan. At the World Championships in 2007, a summer biathlon in Otepää, she won silver medals in the sprint and mass start behind Natalya Sokolova. In the individual competition of the World Cup 2009, Khrustaleva achieved sixth place. At the 2010 Winter Olympics, she managed 5th place in the sprint and 2nd place in the singles.



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